JESTIC J. K. Cykowiak, S. M. Cykowiak Spółka Jawna
Kraplewo ul. 28 Grudnia 43/45
62-060 Stęszew

tel.: 0048 (061) 813 43 05
Being convinced that concrete is the best material to harden terrains, we have been surrounding ourselves with it for years.

Unaware of the consequences of these activities we condemned ourselves and the vegetation to deterioration of life comfort. This resulted in: withering trees in the cities; streets changed into rushing streams after rain; flooded houses; repulsive surroundings.

Thanks to the dynamic development of plastic business we can offer you an excellent alternative to solid concrete-asphalt hardened surfaces: a system for strengthening and stabilizing terrains by Jestic®. It comprises lawn grid plates by Jestic® and stabilizing lawn edge by Jestic®.
We encourage you to familiarize with our offer and to apply our ecological solutions.
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